The Most Used Centerpiece

I have made this exact centerpiece a billion times and made more $$$ off of this than any other. BONUS: my 7 year old son could do it which means you’ll be an instant pro!

I found this tutorial HERE but I do the same thing with one of my hotels that I have a package deal partnership with (read Step 2 of my eCourse for a complete script on setting up the same deal with hotels and resorts by you). *Note: this was written for a holiday specific centerpiece so void that part.  ;)

Hydrangea are extremely easy to work with and don’t require a lot of “extras” to make a beautiful arrangement. We give some examples below of DIY hydrangea centerpieces for the holidays.

Idea #1: Simply place all three stems in a vase you have at home. In this example, we used a 5” cube. (We wrapped a stem of curly willow into the inside of the vase to create a “grid” to secure the hydrangea  stems first.) Voila! You have an elegant centerpiece.

Idea #2: You can easily add a pop of color to your arrangement using red roses, tulips, or other flowers. Simply insert them right into the head of the hydrangea.

Idea #3: If you want to give it more of a Christmas feel, add some Christmas greenery from your Christmas tree.

Idea #4: Another way to add color to your arrangement is with ribbon. Make loops of the ribbon with wire picks.

Insert three or more of them in the hydrangea for a festive touch.

Voila! You can sell these over and over and over! The package I use these for the most sell for $30.00 each and I rent the glassware so that I get dozens upon dozens of uses out of each case.

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Why your follow up skills should always be top notch!

Nothing is more important than a quick response. Especially for a new business trying to make a name for themselves.

Case in point: a recent email conversation I had.

Background: We are just recently expanding our floral business into a brand new region. Although everyone back home knows our name, our brand, our services, to the town we’re nobody’s. For now.  ;)

So, I am at the bottom of the food chain again fighting to work my way up and have my company known by all the “big dog’s”.

On Christmas Eve, approximately 20 minutes before my family and I were rushing out the door for our church’s Christmas service and after a day full of cleaning my house like a maniac (ah the joys of hosting family!) I received the following email:

I am looking for several floral arrangements for my wedding on Feb 29, 2012.  We are getting married on the beach at Ft Zach.

Me (the bride) bouquet-I don’t want anything to large.  I am only 5’2 and I don’t want a massive bouquet that is overpowering.  I also don’t like any hanging bouquet’s.
Corsages for Mom’s x 2 
Maid of Honor Bouquet-Again nothing large
Boutonniere x 1 for the groom
Flower Girl Bouquet’s x 2 

I also need several bunches of blue Hydrangeas (at my reception I am having several small vases) I plan to just put hydrangeas in the vases myself.  I imagine I will have ten small vases so I would need one-two branches.  That would make a total of 20 individual branches.

Flowers I like: For my bridal bouquet I want blue hydrangeas and white flowers to compliment, the white flowers I like are peonies, sweet peas.  I like soft/vintage/romantic  looking flowers if that makes sense?  My dress is fitted/modern/cream colored.
For the Mom’s Corsages: I am thinking maybe white orchids?  Ideally something white with maybe hints of green something simple so that it matches what they are wearing.  I want both corsages to look the same.
For the Groom’s Boutonniere: Again maybe an orchid?  I would like it to be a white flower of some kind.
For the Maid of Honor Bouquet: Something close enough to the bridal bouquet but not identical, perhaps more hydrangea based.  The color of the dress is closet to a robin’s egg blue.
Flower’s Girl’s: I am thinking either small bouquet’s or maybe even pomander’s.  Again I would like these to be primarily of hydrangeas, perhaps either white or blue hydrangeas.
If you can give me an estimate that would be really helpful.
Many thanks,

I responded RIGHT THEN. Was I busy? Was a ton going on? Yep. To be honest it was Christmas Eve and the bride wasn’t even expecting to get a response. But she did! I responded with:

Hi! Thank you for reaching out to me and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

I can certainly help you with this, I am headed out here soon to a Christmas event but can work on this estimate for you later tonight. Do you have a budget in mind that you would like to stay around? I really appreciate all the detail you sent- that’s a great starting point.

Thanks so much & a Merry Christmas!

Quick response = always do this! I sat down the day after Christmas and read through the response I had gotten, including her budget, and started to work on the proposal. This wedding would be cake walk. Seriously take me no time at all to throw together and would be the easiest $400 I ever made. Until I double check my calendar and realized we wouldn’t be able to do it. Ugh!

Hey! I was just emailing you over an estimate when I double checked your wedding date. Unfortunately we are already booked for a wedding out of state that week. I’m so terribly sorry! Things had been so crazy (traveling with family) that I hadn’t noticed when I first read through it.

I apologize for holding you up. If you need any help finding someone else, I would be happy to try and help. (It sounds like you had already been talking to some others though so you should be ok!)

I wish you the best- that budget with what you want shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Also, may I ask who referred you to my company? (ALWAYS ASK SO YOU KNOW WHAT AREA’S ARE PAYING OFF! )  I want to make sure and send our thanks to them.  :)

Thanks so much again- happy New Year to you!

I felt awful!!! Was honestly upset that I couldn’t make it happen and thought for sure she must thing I’m a huge jerk. Her response?

Thanks for the email Heidi! I actually found you through wedding wire which is a fantastic site. If you have any suggestions for other florists I would really appreciate getting their names. I have emailed a few places and am finding the response rate is really poor so if you have a friend do let me know! Many thanks again for getting back to me quickly.

BINGO! #1, I know that my Wedding Wire ad’s are getting seen- yay! And #2, MY RESPONSE RATE IS KICKING THE “BIG DOG’S” ass!!! That’s awesome! You would be amazed at how many times this has actually happened to me. Weddings that I have gotten from people that were originally going to go with one of the fancy, schmancy, cover of every magazine designers but their response rates/customer service/you name it was REALLY poor and mine was top notch. It really matters!

Also, this gave me a perfect reason to connect with a top wedding planner in the area. I have connected with various planners, venues, and other wedding vendors in my new target market and have been growing a rapport with them via Facebook. One that I have seen share on her blog that she provides some floral work I knew would be able to handle this easy request.

I called her up, re-introduced myself and told her I had a bride I wanted to send her way. Instant business relationship? Yes ma’am! More weddings getting referred my way? You betch’a!

Those are 100% real life scenarios, things that really work, details that matter. Lesson of the day, keep those response rates lightning fast!  :)

Extra Services- Balloon Drops

Want to make the easiest $200-$600 ever? Try adding balloon drops into your services list! Literally, the easiest money ever made!

Never done a balloon drop? I hadn’t either. Want to know the secret?

  • Buy a balloon drop net (I get mine at Burton + Burton).
  • Fill up the balloons as needed (usually 200+) in the colors specified.
  • Stuff ‘em in the net.
  • Arrive on site, hang the net.
  • Meet up with the appointed ‘string puller’, usually a wedding coordinator, event staff, deemed relative/friend, and explain that when it’s time just grab the string and run.
  • Voila! Successful balloon drop- DONE!


Really, it’s that easy! Ever since I stumbled upon doing one, I have been booked every year (especially New Year’s Eve weddings!) doing these! And not many people do, so once word gets out that you can do them you’re golden! Yes, blowing up the balloons takes some time, but it’s just air (not helium = cheap!) and once you get the hang of it you’ll be on a roll!

Enjoy making MONEY!!!  :)

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The only thing standing in your way is YOU.


The only thing standing between your current situation to a lifestyle full of freedom, personal fulfillment, success, financial gain and more is YOU.

True Story: It has taken me a YEAR to compile this eCourse. A WHOLE year. To compile a written work of what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY. Of what I have done every single day for YEARS! That’s ridiculous! Is it a lot of hard work to compile everything, write everything, edit everything, distribute and promote it? Yes it is. Is it hard to fit it all in to my already busy schedule? Ya, it can be. But is there any excuse I have other than just looking in the mirror? Not at all.

I held me back. I made it take a year to happen! I would get distracted, talk myself out of it, focus on it being perfect rather than done. I held it up, I made it take far too long. And the funny thing is, I REALLY believe in this! I LOVE the freedom my business has provided for myself and my family! I love every time a family member, friend or even a random stranger comments on how “lucky” I must be to be able to do this and how they wish they could do the same. I delight in getting to help others do something like this- I don’t for a moment believe that we should be stuck in the traditional rat race, corporate America trap!

If you want a business you can run from home, want the ability to plan work around your kids and hobbies, want to not worry about how you’re going to pay your bills, want to finally take that extended vacation to Disneyworld and not worry about how much those resorts cost and want an outlet where your creativity and professionalism can shine- don’t let YOU get in your way!

Is it a lot of work? Yes! Will there be times of struggle? Probably so! Will you spend probably one too many nights pouring your blood, sweat and tears into it? Sure will.

Will it change your life? It will! Will you embark on one of the most rewarding adventures? Sure will! Will you be forever thankful that you took the plunge? I really think you will, I know I am!

Don’t let you stand in your way.

Whatever you want to do, do it! There are only so many tomorrows.

Perks of 5 Steps to Becoming a Wedding Florist

Do you like working long hours, for too little pay and someone else’s gain? Us either.

Have you thought of starting your own work-from-home business but weren’t sure where to start? That’s what this 5 step guide is here for- for you!

This eCourse has everything you need to establish, run and grow a wedding florist business. Learn to make $3,000 in a week with just a few hours worth of work each day. More money, less work, more free time, less over-demanding bosses - you can’t lose!

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“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” - T.S. Eliot
Happy New Year everyone


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” - T.S. Eliot

Happy New Year everyone